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Cold brew coffee isn’t necessarily a new way of making coffee as it has existed for hundreds of years but is becoming very popular in the coffee community. Cold brew coffee has its advantages over normal conventional coffee as it brewed in cold water unlike conventional coffee it doesn’t release acids as it is made from cold water and is relatively easy to make.

Since cold brew coffee doesn’t release acids which give coffee its bitter taste it allows the coffee’s undertones and flavours to come out and makes a sweeter smoother cup of coffee. If you have a sensitive stomach cold brew coffee is your answer as since it doesn’t contain the acids of normal brewed coffee.

Follow these instructions and you’ll be making coffee in no time!

Makes 2-3 cups


80g of coffee (medium grind)

600ml of water (it’s about a 17 ratio of coffee to water)

A french press

filter paper (optional)


Get your french press and put the coffee and water in it

Leave the coffee for 12-14 hours in dry area (I tend to leave the coffee in the kitchen when I go to sleep)

Put your filter paper (I used tea bags) on your container (I used a caraf as it makes pouring the coffee out later easier)

Pour your coffee into the filter paper as it filters out some of the particles


Serve with ice and dilute with about a 1 to 1 ratio or if like your coffee strong just drink it undiluted

to serve hot just microwave and dilute to your liking


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